Season 2014/15 Fixture
Date of Event East Belmont Cricket Club : Wed Aug 13, 2014 8:27PM

The fixture for the upcoming 2014/15 GCA season has been announced. For the 1st and 3rd XI, the club listed first will be the home team, while for the 2nd and 4th XI, the opposite will be the case. Please be aware that the fixture for the 5th and 6th XI will be released at a later date, once team affiliations have been finalised.

Round 1 - Oct 4
East Belmont vs Grovedale
Geelong City vs Leopold
Lara vs St. Joseph's
South Barwon vs Murgheboluc
North Geelong vs Geelong West
Bell Post Hill vs Newtown & Chilwell

Round 2 - Oct 11
Geelong West vs East Belmont
Leopold vs Lara
Murgheboluc vs Geelong City
Grovedale vs South Barwon
Newtown & Chilwell vs North Geelong
St. Joseph's vs Bell Post Hill

Round 3 - Oct 18
East Belmont vs Newtown & Chilwell
St. Joseph's vs Leopold
Lara vs Murgheboluc
Geelong City vs Grovedale
South Barwon vs Geelong West
North Geelong vs Bell Post Hill

Round 4 - Oct 25 & Nov 1
Bell Post Hill vs East Belmont
Murgheboluc vs Leopold
Grovedale vs Lara
Geelong West vs Geelong City
Newtown & Chilwell vs South Barwon
North Geelong vs St. Joseph's

Round 5 - Nov 8 & 15
East Belmont vs North Geelong
Leopold vs Grovedale
Lara vs Geelong West
Geelong City vs Newtown & Chilwell
South Barwon vs Bell Post Hill
St. Joseph's vs Murgheboluc

Round 6 - Nov 22 & 29
East Belmont vs St. Joseph's
Geelong West vs Leopold
Newtown & Chilwell vs Lara
Bell Post Hill vs Geelong City
North Geelong vs South Barwon
Grovedale vs Murgheboluc

Round 7 - Dec 6 & 13
South Barwon vs East Belmont
Leopold vs Newtown & Chilwell
Lara vs Bell Post Hill
Geelong City vs North Geelong
St. Joseph's vs Grovedale
Murgheboluc vs Geelong West

Round 8 - Dec 20
East Belmont vs Geelong City
Bell Post Hill vs Leopold
North Geelong vs Lara
South Barwon vs St. Joseph's
Newtown & Chilwell vs Murgheboluc
Geelong West vs Bell Post Hill

Round 9 - Jan 10
Lara vs East Belmont
Leopold vs North Geelong
Geelong City vs South Barwon
St. Joseph's vs Geelong West
Murgheboluc vs Bell Post Hill
Grovedale vs Newtown & Chilwell

Round 10 - Jan 17 & 24
East Belmont vs Leopold
South Barwon vs Lara
Geelong City vs St. Joseph's
North Geelong vs Murgheboluc
Bell Post Hill vs Grovedale
Newtown & Chilwell vs Geelong West

Round 11 - Jan 31 & Feb 7
Murgheboluc vs East Belmont
Leopold vs South Barwon
St. Joseph's vs Newtown & Chilwell
Grovedale vs North Geelong
Geelong West vs Bell Post Hill
Lara vs Geelong City

Round 12 - Feb 14 & 21
Grovedale vs East Belmont
Leopold vs Geelong City
St. Joesph's vs Lara
Murgheboluc vs South Barwon
Geelong West vs North Geelong
Newtown & Chilwell vs Bell Post Hill

Round 13 - Feb 28 & Mar 7
East Belmont vs Geelong West
Lara vs Leopold
Geelong City vs Murgheboluc
South Barwon vs Grovedale
North Geelong vs Newtown & Chilwell
Bell Post Hill vs St. Joseph's

Qualifying Final Weekend - Mar 14 & 15

Semi Final Weekend – Mar 21 & 22

Grand Final Weekend – Mar 28 & 29

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