Strategy Planning Workshop - Update
Date of Event East Belmont Cricket Club : Mon May 7, 2018 10:44AM

As has been communicated to our members, the club has recently been engaged in the early stages of formulating a comprehensive five year strategy plan intended to address all areas of the club’s operations for the reasonably foreseeable future.

Yesterday, a group consisting of the committee, a number of former club presidents, and representatives from the club’s on-field leadership met to discuss the key challenges and potential areas of improvement facing the club, and to begin to put together the building blocks of what will become a comprehensive five year plan. Over a period spanning five hours, there was very robust discussion held amongst all those present, and a very broad range of issues were debated and discussed in depth. As a result of this strategy workshop, a number of working sub-committees have been formed to focus more specifically on key areas, report back to the committee with specific recommendations regarding their area of focus, and follow through on an ongoing basis in implementing and assessing those recommendations which gain approval. The sub-committees that have been established are as follows:

Facilities Development (Chairperson Damian Fiolet)

On-Field – Senior Section (Chairperson James Diery)

On-Field – Junior Section (Chairperson Tim Warburton, with Steve Eggleton assigned specific responsibility for Girls’ Cricket)

Off-Field/Social (Chairperson Jim Timberlake)

Sponsorship and Promotions (Chairperson Sean O’Neill)

Clothing and Merchandise (Chairperson Matt Lineker)

Each sub-committee has already had a number of members appointed to it from the group that was present yesterday. We also recognise that there is a very large number of members from outside of yesterday’s workshop group who all have a vested interest in the future direction of the club and may wish to play an active role in shaping our strategy. As such, we would like to provide the opportunity for anyone with a specific interest in any of the above areas to nominate to join a sub-committee.

To express an interest in joining one of the above sub-committees, please contact the relevant chairperson. If the idea of joining a sub-committee seems like too large of a commitment, you can still contribute to shaping the club’s direction by submitting any ideas, suggestions or feedback that you may have, which will then be considered by the sub-committees in detail in the course of formulating their recommendations to the committee.

It is a very exciting time for the club, and while we are still only in the early stages of what will be an intensive and on-going process for the next several years, the quantity and quality of ideas which have already been discussed give us reason to be very optimistic about the potential of this project to make a significant positive impact across all areas of the club.

Last updated: Monday May 7, 2018 10:46AM