Important Announcement: EBCC Five Year Strategy Plan
Date of Event East Belmont Cricket Club : Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:44PM

2017/18 has been an amazing season for the club, both on and off the field. In addition to our 1st XI and Under 17s securing incredible premiership victories, we will enter 2018/19 with brand new state of the art training facilities, and stage one of the Winter Reserve clubroom development complete.

While these are fantastic achievements for the club, of which we should all be proud, it is certainly no time for us to rest on our laurels. There are a number of significant challenges facing both the club, and local cricket in general over the next several years, and the club has identified that now is an ideal time to put together a comprehensive strategy to guide the club’s future direction for the next five years.

As part of formulating this strategy, the committee will be assessing every aspect of how the club is run, with a view to identifying areas of potential improvement and proactive measures that the club can take so as to best position ourselves to approach the challenges facing the club over the coming years.

This review will be all-encompassing, and will take into account issues as varied and diverse as the following:

·         Juniors: How can we continue to attract and retain junior players, given the ageing demographic of our surrounding community and impending closure of Oberon High? How can we further strengthen the connection between the junior and senior sections of the club?

·         Seniors: How many senior sides is the optimal number for the club to affiliate? How can we strengthen the depth of our playing list, right throughout the senior grades? How can the club strike the optimal balance between its immediate objective of competing to win premierships, and the long term aim of developing and retaining our junior and emerging senior cricketers?

·         Social: What should the composition of our social calendar be in order to maximise engagement with our members? How many social functions should we hold, what type of functions should they be, and where should they be held?

·         Past Players, Ladies, Families and Supporters: How can we increase the level of engagement of our non-playing members? What steps can we take to make the club a more attractive place for these groups to want to be around and spend time in?  

·         Women’s/Girls’ Cricket: With female participation rates in cricket increasing rapidly, how can the club make itself a friendlier environment for girls of all age groups? How proactive should the club seek to be in driving and promoting female participation, and what should be our long-term objectives in this area?

·         Sponsorship and Fundraising: How can we maximise our financial return from these two historically under-utilised sources of club revenue? How can we be more proactive, not only in attracting new sponsors to the club, but in increasing the level of promotion and exposure of our existing sponsors, so as to strengthen and build long-term associations with them? What potential sources of club funding might we seek to pursue in future, which we have not taken advantage of in the past?

·         AWA Strategic Partnership: How can we increase the level of buy in from our members so as to maximise the financial benefits from our partnership with AWA Alliance Bank?

·         Bar Sales: How can we maximise the return from what has been a diminishing source of revenue for several years, while continuing to meet our obligations under the Good Sports Program?

·         Clothing and Merchandise: What changes, if any, should be made to our range of clothing and merchandise? What items should be added, altered or discontinued, how should they be priced, and from where should they be sourced?

These and many other issues will all be discussed at length, as part of an intensive process to formulate a five-year plan, which we hope will allow us to remain at the forefront of Geelong cricket for many years to come. As part of this strategy creation process, we are seeking input from all areas of the club, and we hope that as many of our members and supporters as possible will take the opportunity to have a say in helping to guide the direction of the club over the next five years and beyond.

Whether you are a current player, past player, family member, junior parent, or supporter, we are extremely interested to hear your thoughts on what can help take the club forward into the future. Whether it be in relation to on-field or off-field matters, or be of major or relatively minor significance, we want to hear any feedback, suggestions or ideas that you may have as to what will help make the East Belmont Cricket Club the best that it possibly can be.   

The committee will be meeting on Sunday May 6th, to begin to formulate its five-year strategy for the club. If you would like to have input into this process, we strongly encourage you to make contact with a current member of the committee (committee members are listed below), or to make an email submission to Graeme Scannell at If you would prefer to remain anonymous, submissions can also be made by mail, to East Belmont Cricket Club, PO Box 211, Belmont 3216. Please ensure that all submissions are made prior to May 6th, so that they can be discussed in full as part of the strategy formulation process.  

East Belmont Cricket Club Committee:

Gerry Wakefield (President), Peter Quick (Senior Vice-President), Tom Scannell (Junior Vice-President), Graeme Scannell (Secretary), Steven Eggleton (Assistant Secretary), Paul Brennan (Treasurer), Darren Brockett (Junior Co-ordinator), Luke Brady, James Diery, Mitch Grinter, Peta Hanley, James McMahon, Troy Smith, Jerome Teal, Jim Timberlake, Jon Timberlake, Tim Warburton

We hope that you will all embrace this unique opportunity to play a role in shaping the future direction of the club, and we very much look forward to receiving your input.



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