Changes to Hard Wicket Training Schedule
Date of Event East Belmont Cricket Club : Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:26AM

In response to changing training habits from our hard wicket squad, we have introduced some changes to our hard wicket training schedule for season 2017/18. In short, Tuesday night sessions for non-selection weeks have been eliminated (although any hard wicket player who still wishes to train on these nights is still free to join in with the turf squad). Tuesday night sessions will continue to take place during selection weeks, but will now take place on the top oval, to better integrate with the turf squad. There will be no changes made to Thursday night sessions, which will continue to take place on the bottom oval centre wicket during both selection and non-selection weeks. Please see the included image for a full breakdown of turf and hard wicket training sessions for the entire season.

Last updated: Wednesday October 11, 2017 11:28AM